School Choice will close on Friday, June 3, 2022. This is a hard deadline and will end on June 3rd, no exceptions. Please contact the school office for any questions.

Due to volatile enrollment numbers, there are currently no restrictions on accepting applications from specific schools and/or grade levels. Once enrollment numbers are finalized, applications will be accepted as space is available.
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General questions

Specific questions about school choice should be directed to the school principal.

Questions regarding athletic eligibility should be directed to the school athletic director.

All other questions should be directed to Missy Gibson.

  • Missy Gibson
    Administrative Assistant to the Associate Superintendent of Administration
    (864) 718-5716 or (864) 886-4400
Technical difficulties

If you are experiencing technical difficulties completing your school choice request please contact the SDOC Technology Helpdesk at (864) 718-5555

The SDOC Technology Helpdesk follows the District Office's normal schedule and is in operation Monday-Friday from 7:30AM until 4:00PM.